MAPLAN / PETA Cold runner systems


MAPLAN, together with its partner PETA, offers complete package solutions with machine plus cold runner distributor.

MAPLAN / PETA-Kaltkanaltechnik

The cold runner technology is marked by many years` of experience and a very large product range, with which many applications in various industries.

Wheter you are looking for sophisticated parts for the automotive industry, for medical technology or mass production parts for the consumer markets, thanks to the PETA modular system the flexible FCR system allows for a customised solution in respect of the field of application.

The product range includes:

  • Closed standard cold runners
  • Splitable cold runners for cleaning and compound change
  • Shut off nozzle cold runners
  • 2K-Cold runners for multi compound moulding
  • Cold runners with nozzle regulation
  • Multi nozzle cold runners with up to 64 nozzles 

Cold runners for elastomer processing: